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About Us

Human Angel Services (HAS) came from very humble beginnings, when a small group of determined humanitarians set off on the unlikely quest of "Healing the soul of the world" by securing and disbursing a benevolent funding in revolutionary "Top Down Philanthropy" environment.

The mission is simple: Place humanity in front of the constant conundrum of money raising by researching, networking and positioning HAS wherever the fast changing financial landscape was reshaping after the tragedy on September 11, 2001.


And when the time is just right, seize the opportunity through the redemption of sovereign assets to begin "Healing the soul of  the world" person by person, project by project, community by community until what was broken with our precious planet is fixed and sacred species will be fully restored.


It is an honor to participate in the Human Angel Services mercy movement, as together we create a river of sustained economic mercy that flows down to humanity… without hesitation and without limitation. 


Thus, HAS functions like a unique cloud concierge service for service workers worldwide, packaged into an efficient and dynamic humanitarian project intake, compliance and grant making portal… designed to safely, efficiently and professionally deliver relief to wherever and whomever need exists--any time of day or night, in any amount needed to permanently solve lingering problems.

So the HAS website has been designed for those who desire to serve humanity selflessly by offering a unique opportunity to join a network of other humanitarians who are ready, willing and able to share resources, information and training that serves the greater good.


We appreciate your investigation of the HAS opportunity and look forward to serving you in our "Top Down Philanthropy" community, as only together can we begin "Healing the soul of the world."

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