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The strength of any building is determined by its first laid cornerstone.

For just as every structure needs a firm foundation to maintain itself against harsh weather conditions and time, each philanthropic organization also needs its reference cornerstone to demonstrate necessary leadership for all the other stones that will come in the future. 

Human Angel Services (HAS) cornerstones therefore are people who already are proven leaders, yet they understand the importance of taking risk and they go above and beyond the call of duty on this grand journey of "Top Down Philanthropy."

The longevity and future of HAS will ultimately be determined by how many cornerstone leaders we can assemble to show the way for other Human Angels seeking similar project funding opportunities destined for "Healing the soul of the world."

Leadership matters especially when project funding rises upwards in the $100 million range !


Therefore, HAS is seeking for heroic cornerstone leaders who will be able to adapt both the changing conditions without losing the greater good principles and be more than willing to "set the pace" for anyone who desires to become a Human Angel, now or in the future. 

As all HAS cornerstones will consistently outperform expectations and thus have a major influence on future growth actions taken by this new humanitarian movement, which will set the trajectory for fellow members, founders and benevolent teammates within the Human Angel family.

Become a cornerstone leader today and demonstrate you have what it takes to lead this economic mercy movement  now!

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