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The primary function of Human Angel Services (HAS) is as a primary project funding portal, in both a micro and macro capacity, for our dedicated member, founder, cornerstone and benevolent family of service workers.

As a result, the Project Funding Exchange (PFE) was created to accommodate 10,000 humanitarian projects of all sizes, in all nations, for all humanitarian purposes as to disburse economic mercy from a "Top Down Philanthropy" mentality.

Also included in the PFE is a complimentary yet comprehensive compliance vehicle that digitally in-takes, tracks, monitors and aligns projects & project operators with the greatest possible good.

The combination of having constant access to a variety of international and domestic projects, along with the on-line compliance element and the ability to re-enter the project submission process is what makes HAS uniquely qualified to lead the humanitarian movement globally.

We welcome all Human Angels who share in our passion of "healing the soul of the world" and desire to join in our quest for philanthropic excellence coupled with monetary abundance.

To submit a project or be a part of the

"Project Exchange Program"

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