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Safe Havens

What is a Safe Haven about?

Together, we intended to heal the soul of the world.  That's not a catch phrase, it's what we wake up with in our hearts, and go to sleep with in the evening.  Service for service's sake.  As many souls as we can reach, to whomever is in real need.  Anywhere.  In any amount.  At anytime.

This doesn't make us righteous Tibetan Monks or Sisters of Charities, it does make us modern economic mercenaries who have taken a personal and private vow of service.  

This is the Lord who entrusted us to change the world.  Never to acquire more stuff or be well known as global philanthropists.  Rather, simply and humbly to improve our broken society, and provide hope to humanity with a top-down philanthropic delivery mechanism.

SAFE HAVENS are therefore your brick-and-mortar locations for us to do said work.  

They can come in many forms, sizes and locations.  Some might deal with large volumes of people needing stadiums or converted shopping malls, others might be refurbished old schools and resurrected machine factories, some even will operate out of urban strip malls or former basement offices… where does not matter.  That they exist is what matters, no matter how small or how humble.

Because all will effectively be doing the exact same thing… serving souls in need without ceasing.   That's the definition of being a Human Angel: "Of Service, In Service (of God)."

The needs, people and in what amounts will be determined by the Human Angels running the SAFE HAVEN facilities globally.  


The only thing we ask at HAS HDQ is that you promise never to do harm to others, share what it is you are doing with other Human Angels globally (what's working, what's not) and in general respect the larger philanthropic HAS movement by being a representative and steward of the larger global network of Human Angels.

Another possibility is that if you don't want to run a SAFE HAVEN, you can still team up with other Human Angels in your area.  Remember, nobody will be needing to derive profit from any of the SAFE HAVEN endeavors, we're 100% money out, never money in, so it's really about teamwork versus say credit or monetary gain.  

Also, we want each SAFE HAVEN to be it's own unique entity, representing the native culture and people of the community that it resides in, authentically.  

So when you're in San Antonio, Texas at a HAS SAFE HAVEN facility, you'll have a totally different experience than say in Caracas, Venezuela.  With the common thread linking all SAFE HAVENS being our shared desire to serve humanity.  That's quite a fellowship.  Unique and dynamic.  And interestingly, we all bonded long before any of us had sudden, abundant and infinite wealth.

Thank you for blessing us with your talents and skills.  And more importantly, thank you for blessing the lives of all you touch.  Together we can and will change, bless and heal the souls of the world.

Want A Safe Haven?
If you would like to have a
 Safe Haven in a City, State, Province or Country and you are a HAS subscriber you can click on the button below and submit your application.  You will get all the help you need to open your own
Safe Haven to Help
"Heal the Souls of the World" 

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