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Because the primary purpose of HAS is to heal the soul of the world, it's vital that we are made of aware of what is wrong in society. .. daily if not hourly.  


The challenge we face as a humanitarian community is reaching everyone who is in need appropriately, assessing what assistance is needed, determining how much capital is necessary to both fix and transcend the problem, assigning the correct project manager, technology and team to administer "Top Down Philanthropy", then tracking our results over the full life of the charitable operation.


No matter how big or small the philanthropic missions are that we engage, all must have a common spine of restor ing whatever is broken as part of a longer process to heal the people and community in a holistic manner… ultimately allowing the entire area to once again thrive.


Thus, HAS is your digital home when you are away from, as well as your cloud launching pad when you desire to reach across oceans and continents to help people in need, anywhere in the world, anytime need arises.   


Creating, growing and maintaining such a safe and dynamic communal environment for the Human Angels is of great importance to us .   


That's why we have created several chat rooms and blog sites for specific mission Human Angels to interact, communicate, share, express and even expand their philanthropic wings, as a team in fellowship all committed to serving the greater good in their own unique way .  


So jump in and announce your presence with authority!  


And lease consider the community tab of the HAS homepage whenever you a need an intimate and safe space to interact with mind ed philanthropists all equally committed to healing the soul of the world … together.

Again, thank you for participating in this unique on-line humanitarian community.  Know that your presence is always appreciated, your talents honored and greater good visions supported with unconditional love less the need for explanation.  


Just be you , and keep telling us what you need to be successful. 

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All Human Angel Services (HAS) community blogs and chat rooms will be made available only to subscribing Founder, Cornerstone, Team, Family, Benevolent and Sovereign participants.

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