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Acting benevolently is not a new concept, it is just a calling to help without recognition.

However, to state yourself as a "Benevolent" Human Angel means to assume the role of a permanent charity giver for the remainder of your life.  It is a character test if you have the resources because your gift of either 15 Cornerstone subscriptions will go directly to those who are unable to subscribe to HAS and will give them log-in access to project funding exchange and archives.


An anonymous giving is a novel concept in this day and age.


Human Angel Services (HAS) has created this benevolent category for humanitarian in need of a challenge and greater purpose for administering perpetual economic mercy as their dynamic greater good mission.


Thus to become a "Benevolent" member within the HAS family means to elevate your own personal relevance beyond your own life, and possible anything you may have done prior, and accelerate your own soul's ascension at a rate and pace that can only be described as more angel than human. 


The higher monetary contribution will be temporary compared to the long-term benevolence created by other appreciative Human Angels.  


What truly defines a HAS benevolent subscriber is their pure joy in helping others anonymously. Helping without haven't been able to come across with those who benefited, yet they have known that serving others who desired to step out of their own fear, oppression and scarcity and the overall desire to serve mankind could do so freely into this unknown "Top Down Philanthropy" journey.


And while yes, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7); He also is watching how everyone enters into the Human Angel movement.  


So if you have arrived at this exact place, at this exact time in your own life, perhaps you are also aware that thousands of others are doing the same thing--and because of your good fortune--you can bless many who also desire to heal the soul of the world but lack the courage or financial resources to begin.     


Understand that your participation at this "rare-air level" will organically set off a chain reaction of events in thousands upon thousands of lives, enhancing homes, families, communities in ways you will never dream of or imagine.


All because your tree was more deeply rooted in the ways of the world, so that now you could provide shade for additional Human Angels without them ever knowing who blessed them.  


Now that's benevolence in action!  


So take action today and become a Benevolent Human Angel.  And begin blessing all who burdened around the world through other Human Angels as their unknown benefactor in this unique on-line humanitarian family.

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