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Lions are called "kings of the jungle" for their ultimate fighting power.  Thus they are considered sovereign over all the other animals in the food chain because of their abilities and history.


However, in a philanthropic sense, ultimate power comes from one's ability to bless others with powerful abundance, as having ultimate power is enough on its own.  


This is why Lions typically only roar versus fight because they have no equal.


Know your one time Sovereign Subscription with Human Angel Services (HAS) will be like a philanthropic roar heard round the world, as it displays a unique altruistic spirit of ultimate power, anonymously, by quietly stepping up to become a leading Human Angel.  


Unknown to all, yet blessing the most.  


Because as any overseas missionary will tell you, until you feed their bellies, don't bother preaching to their minds because you cannot capture their hearts.  


This is precisely what your Sovereign Subscription does--feed 200 homes the world over--with one mighty philanthropic roar of your ultimate power in HAS' unique "Top Down Philanthropy" partnership mechanism, so together we can all get on with the business of serving humanity's greatest good.

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