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So often in life, we are either ahead of the curve or behind it.  It's rare to get the opportunity to begin at the initial states of any meaningful movement.  

Human Angel Services (HAS) is such a movement of "Top Down Philanthropy" that allows anyone willing to risk and put just enough "skin into the game" to reap unprecedented rewards in the future.

Now a "Founder" by definition is someone who establishes something original and formulates its growth strategies on the basis of building a permanent entity. 


They are therefore labeled with prestige for good reason, as they are serious people who understand how to and why to jump into a movement early and often.

Founders are also leaders who carry with them connotations of creativity and innovation, determination, native intelligence and a sense of both righteousness and fearlessness.  They enjoy creating something from nothing, and live for the challenge of building an organization that manifests enduring value.

At Human Angel Services (HAS) our founders are literally building this movement for others… and from the ground up.  

And in return for their loyalty, dedication and commitment--as well as a little skin in the game--HAS has pledged additional sovereign assets, beyond currency, to ensure their project funding is a success both in the short-term, as well as in the long-term.

HAS is therefore a logical and economical sovereign wealth insurance vehicle for all your humanitarian project aspirations.

The Human Angel movement remains a concept if not fuelled by hardworking individuals who share the same faith, values and objectives with the organization.


So let this humanitarian movement be born into life today with your founding support!

Know that all tiers below are accompanied with specific funding guidelines and compliance parameters, which are based on a host of factors including operator experience, amount requested and potential project duration.

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