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Remembering DR WC

With You - for Dr WC
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Dr. WC was and is a Human Angel.


A master servant if ever there was one.


I had the privledge of knowing her, working with her, learning from her, calling her my friend, even sharing pictures and stories of our children and grandchildren. 


She was a doctor of theology who lived in Jacksonville, Florida.  Younger, she joined the army where she learned how to fight.


Once a wife, devoted mother and joyful grandmother Dr. WC was in her lifetime. 


She worked more recently with veterans who had lost their way.  She gave them absolutely everything she had.


In her twenties, Dr. WC had an ephifany that there was an invisible hand working against humanity, black people especially, and by a white cabal.


So she went to the library and began “studying up” on all things cabal before it was even a thing.


No Internet back then!  A most serious calling was placed in her by Christ.


Dr. WC went full alien shortly thereafter and never looked back.


She was unashamed about spitting hard  truths to anyone who would listen—anytime day or night.


It was her spiritual convenant to accumulate and teach this material, she said.  And let’s face it, she did so with everything she had, for as long as she could, to everyone who would listen.


When the Iraqi Dinar movement first began, she volunteered to help on an intel call as an assistant, later the call fell to her and it became, “The Real Truth Call With Dr. WC.”


That’s where we met and fell in love.


Remember her late night calls that ran forever until she literally fell asleep on the phone?  Remember Fisher?  Remember Miracle Girl?  Remember Dr. WC, Yosef and Fisher all together?


Those were the days.


She emotionally nursed me personally through the sudden loss of my son.


And boy could that woman laugh!  And laugh!  And laugh!


“My goodness!”


Most of all, Dr. WC was the Godmother to all of us in the on-line truth movement.


She was the embodiment of charity, compassion and loving sacrifice for all races, ages, religions and wealth levels.


Dr. WC understood the depth of the problems facing humanity and did something about it.


In every way, that woman gave her entire life to the service of others in one way or another.


Dr. WC was at her core a leader.  Devoted bride of Christ.  And my daughter’s biggest fan.


She is a friend that I will miss dearly, but never forget.


Amazing to me she didn’t make it to the end, like Fisher, her covenant I guess was to warn and prepare others who would go on to fight the good fight.


Oh my Lord, did that woman swing a powerful truth sword !!!!!!


She was first too.


The harbinger bird singing Christ’s rapturous song.


What a lady.

What a life.

What an example of selflessness for us all to follow and strive to replicate.


I loved Dr. WC.

I still love Dr. WC.

I will always love Dr. WC.


Her memory and lessons of

love will exist in me perpetually, and in this community eternally.


Hers was the cornerstone of service by which the entire house of HAS was set and built.


Mimi is what her grandchildren called her.


So Mimi, now that you’re back home with Christ Yahushua, would you please ask Her if you could return into our experience every now and again?


You are still very much needed in our Safe Havens here on earth.  As we are forever part of your army that bear witness of your gentle grace, all be it today with heavy hearts and tear filled eyes.


Your love will never die.  Nor shall your legacy within the hearts, minds and souls of your Human Angel Services family.


Goodbye dear friend, rabbi and Christ truth warrior.


In future days, I know we will laugh again…  together… late, late, late into the night:)


Some souls just reach into yours and stay with you forever.  Dr. WC did that to mine. 


In your honor, my lovely, please receive this melody as a tribute to how much you meant to the entire RTC and HAS community.


We love you without beginning or end. 


God is with us

I met Dr WC on one of her Real Truth Calls.  I was looking for a call that talked about ET as I was really into that always. I found her calls and I started listening.  

One day someone called in to the Real Truth Calls that had a very high vibration causing the call to crackle.  The person who called in said some stuff that was happening to her that I was experiencing also.  So I called in to talk and ask Fisher questions.  When I called in Dr. WC greeted me on the call with Fisher.  I told my story to them both but at the end of the call I told her I would love to help her build a chatroom.  I had told her I had done this for others and she said she would contact me.  Right after that call she called me.  I remember being so so nervous because here was this amazing lady that knew so much what was going on in the world.   But that nervousness only lasted for about 5 seconds.  She was so so sweet to me. We talked for hours until she could not stay awake anymore.   You could feel the love with every word she spoke to me.   She asked me if I could build her the chatroom.   I told her yes I will and I finished it the next day for her.   I was a silent mod in that chatroom mostly there for technical things that could happen.  I also helped her with the website also when she had questions. I loved talking to her and I was so lucky to get to know her.

Dr WC and me became good friends over the years.   I did not get as much time as I would have liked to talk to her being busy all the time.  But when we talked it was so so amazing.  The love vibration I felt from her was like no other.   Every word she said to me made me feel more and more loved.   She was so special to me.  She was someone that I would have done anything for if she asked.   She will always be in my heart.   I will keep talking to her but in a different way now.   She will always be here for me as she always was if I needed someone to talk to.   I love you Dr WC and I will always love you.  

With My Deepest Deepest Love


Dr WC. Dearest Angel you are deeply loved

Forever grateful for your Love and Light

You are the Light of Truth

In Loves Light





WC❤️ Welcome Home!! Welcome back to the table---your place has been kept in anticipation of your return

You served well and steadfast in your missions accomplishments

Now your work begins in earnest from on high

Watching over Gods children from the sky

Love Love GOD's sweet and gentle servant

Those on Gaia Prime will miss you

But we on high WELCOME WELCOME you Home ! !




Precious Dr. gave so much to so are missed...your spirit, passion, generosity, love and laughter always delighted me...always had me know we were of the same and Fisher now can help us to the fruition of our covenants...Namaste precious one.💞



Blessings to you dearest Earth Angel ... fly free my amazing friend. Thank you for your love, your caring and all of your insightful knowing. It was such a gift to be with you on your calls. May peace be with you all-ways.



Fire Angel:




You are loved and missed. Thank you Dr. WC for your truth,

Your compassion to help. You have earned your wings dear Angel


Lead Dog:

Thank YOU Dr WC for being part of our journey



Dr WC, love and blessings to you on your transition.  



Thank you Dr. WC for all of the lessons, vast information on aliens to health and more.  I spent many many hours late at night with you, hungry for what you were sharing.  I love you. I‘m so thankful for all of those calls and your selfless service to others.  Rest In Peace 🌸❤️🌼



Dr.WC , I will always remember “ stand in your authority “ , best lesson you shared. Thanks for all you shared and

for your service to the light . Your journey continues on…. new work to be done in support of humanity .

God be with you .

With love ..



Dr WC Thank-you for sharing so much with us, You will be truly missed.



we will continue on your mission Dr Wc love love!!



Fly free Dr WC! I have fond memories of listening late into the night to your calls when Yosef would be on for hours. Sorry you did not make it to the fruition in 3D but I’m sure you are kicking butt and taking names on high to get this thing going. Much gratitude for all you gave to so many and how you pulled us all together to this great work. Namaste 🙏🏽🕉 I love you more!


Prana Angel:

Sad news.

Dr. WC you carried the essence of the Divine Feminine. Thank you for sharing your bountiful knowledge....and encouraging us to put down our swords.

Peace be with you.

Love Love.



Rest in Love Dr WC.💜



Rest in peace Dr. W.C. Can't forget all the nights I stayed up into the wee hours listening to you. You taught me so much. Thank you and Godspeed!



Dr. W.C., You are one of the greatest feminine warrior I’ve ever known, fearless, and you are filled with unconditional Love which you Lovingly shared with everyone with an open heart to receive. Your Powerful, commanding voice and the words you expressed in your prayers before and after your programs, shook every fiber of my being. The long hours of listening to you on those calls was the beginning of my “waking up process,” I learned so much from you sharing your heart & soul. Thank you, I Love you Dr. W.C. You have a special place in my heart.💜



Love and blessings on your journey ❤ You will watching over us with your Wings of Light and Love ❤



Sending love your way. You did it and ascended. We will miss you. Thanks for being a part of our journey.



Thank you Dr W.C.

Fearless Warrior.

Sending you love and light



Thank You Dr. WC ... Peace and Blessings 💜🙏🌈🦋💟



A Saint for sure!!!

Tears of Love.

Tears of Gratutude.

Peace Dearest WC…….



Rest in Love, Dr. WC 💜



Dr. W.C. will be missed sooooo much ....she was a precious soul ..a Devine Feminine Warrior .... I spent many. many hours late at night listening to her calls ...getting information on many things from aliens to health ...listen to Fisher and Yousef as ShowMe would take over hosting when she would want some sleep .......yes, Dr. W.C. you will be missed . however NEVER forgotten......prayers with your family and the RTC family....

Blessings Christ Yahushua!!



Thank you, Dr. WC you were a selfless leader, standing in your power.

With God by your side you could achieve anything.

I will forever remember your powerful Holy Spirit filled prayers,

The roar of your laughter, your infectious laughter ~

Your calls I'd be glued to, lasting well into the early morning hours ~

So much wrapped into one Angel ~ 

Rest in Peace, Angel ~

🌺 🌺 🌺 



I loved listening to her voice and the way she said things”,she no doubt is continuing the good work above in her loving, straight forward Dr WC

way. Rest in Love 🙏🏼



May you rest in Peace Dr. WC knowing you gave so much to so many, you gave your all. Love and Blessings, you will be forever fondly remembered



MY condolences to Dr. WC's family. Dr. WC will be greatly missed she left an impact on so many lives! Because of her strong beliefs and always speaking the truth. Dr WC saw the potential and power in humanity she was willing to sacrifice her time, commitment and provided the necessary resources/tools to empower humanity . 




Dr. WC you are missed . Thank you for opening my eyes to the realities of life .



Dr WC you are free to shine your light upon a greater dimension and mission.

I have so much gratitude for each and every call, and I can hear today your impassioned preachers of invocation for the calls. When I connect with Christ Yahushua, I connect with your energy.

Your mission is a blessing to us all. I love you, Amy



So very sorry to hear of the passing of Dr. WC, she held the “rabbit door”open for me, and I also will miss her terribly. 

God bless you and wishing your family and friends strength and peace in these difficult days and hoping that time will heal and comfort your hearts. ❤️



God bless you, Dr. WC... Rest in Peace, Angel ❤️❤️❤️



I too remember being part of her family and listened to her program for hours. I am truly sorry for the loss but believed she left a legacy for others to follow. I know God has her on his wings.



Thank you so much, Dr. WC! You will be missed but never forgotten! Your voice and messages is the reason I was lead to this wonder group of Angels!….you are the Devine feminine! 



I am so grateful to have known you and for the gift you gave me-it gives me a piece of you from your heart  that will always remind me to give everything I have to meet any challenge. 

WC I celebrate your shinning on 

And your continued journey. What grand company

You are in . Carry on dear sister and soak in the love



I, too, listened late, late hours listening to Dr. WC and also Yosef. They brought new light and stretched my mind. I loved her voice and laugh. We will always remember you and pray to meet you someday. Much Love. 🌹



Oh dear Dr. WC you are now in God’s loving arms at peace and perfect 🙏🏼💛 My condolences to you and yours dear Angel 😇….Most high love from All human angels🌈💛😇



DR WC  RIP Thank you for all you did for us

Christ is Love and you are Loved



Dr. WC I always enjoyed your frank and unabashed points of view!

You shared yourself with everyone who would listen and I remember those early days when we were all looking for information!

Many of us were led here because of you.

You of course are now leading from a higher dimension, holding space for all to join you.

Thank you, Love.Love



May God bless you! You will be missed. Say hello to Fischer!



From life to life. Blessings to you on the next stage of your covenant Dr. WC. Mahalo for your kindness and for opening doors of wisdom.



💜💜💜 I will miss you greatly Dr. WC. 💜 thank you for all the late night teachings.  You are a precious loving soul 💜 much much Love to you DR WC 💜 💜💜



Dr WC. Thank you for your service to us. Rest in love!



Thank You Dr. W.C.  You taught us so much.  You will Be Dearly Missed!

We spent many hours until the wee hours of the morning then she would say, Alexander it's time to go to bed. I can hear her telling him that.




Rest in peace dear angel. You will be missed. Your legacy lives on.



DR. WC, you are much loved.


Ace 5D:

😭😭😭 Get some rest Dr WC. Comeback to Earth when Ready. We still be here helping Humanity Ascending. 🙏🙏🙏



I remember DR.WC. An example to all human angels.



You will be sorely missed on this plane but happy in Christ’s bosom. Rest In Peace.



Soar to the top vibrations of love Dr.wc ,may the angels surround you on your way to paradise.God bless you always



am so grateful for all the talks and laughs with Dr WC…was looking forward to her hanging out with us for a little here in Hawaii…appreciate all she has given from the very beginning…A Hui Hou Dr.WC until we meet again…I love U from My Pu’u Wai 💜💜💜



Dr. WC was the image of humility and kindness forged in a spiritual fire that yielded an inner strength like few people I’ve known. You could hear it in her voice, feel it as she shared her convictions. I once had a brief personal chat with her. She was a beautiful creation and it was my privilege to have listened to her on many a call. Rest In Peace precious angel.



Dr WC will be missed,

she was my introduction to Alexander. 



You are Home now Dear Angel DR WC. thank you for your leading the way for so many and your love & truth your service and your spirit will be missed but will live on in all of us Namaste see you when you get back dear Sister.

I know Heaven is throwing you a party now for one of its greatest warriors of the light you deserve it, you did great DR. WC Thank you for everything May the Creators (Adamantine Particles) of of love shower you in the ultimate love you may not have gotten in physicality...

Namaste My Sister!!!!!



Sad Day for the Family of Light and Love,

Dr. WC, may you fly with the Angels,

Peace and Love,

Bye For Now!




Ohh dear sweet soul full of goodness.

Carry on and thank you for all you did to help others along your path.

Sending love and gratitude. You are missed.

See you in the other sides.

Love ON


yellow sapphires:

Dearest Dr. W.C., you were here for all of us for so long night after night. We appreciated you then and so much more now as we are near the end of our journey! Most of us are here now because of you! We so adore you and admire you for all the light and love you gave to everyone always. You were and are an inspiration of what an Angel can do and accomplish. Wishing you a new journey of more light and more love and more light and more love. I will always think of this vision of you and your added strength to keep going and keep loving and keep giving light always. Thank you for the time you gave to us. Much love,



Dr WC you are a blessed Angel.

You are loved and missed ❤️



Love you Dr. WC...

Thank you for sharing your gifts and insights...

I see you with Fisher...

Christ is love...



Dear Sweet Angel Dr.WC

Whose Loving Heart Has

Touched Us All...

Will Live On In Our Hearts:)

God Is Love~



You have flown on angel wings, dearest one, beyond the high dome of Gaia's air, to a different and hallowed place. May sadness soon turn to joy. Your reception will, to my mind, take place in an energetic cathedral of Love and Light. All there will beckon you with open arms and I believe you will see admiration in their eyes. They will invite you to drink from their ever flowing fountain. The crisp purity of this water will be the fresh taste of true Justice and humbling Mercy. They will praise your covenant as fulfilled.

It is good they know your Truth was a Good Truth, and IS a Good Truth.


The first time I heard your voice, I knew your were stalwart and resolute, and I knew the people were compelled to respond. You gave it everything you had, for years, and then you gave some more. How many have you lifted up through the years; how many were inspired by your vision; how many were saved? The better world you helped usher in is at the very threshold! Those on high watch everything unfold with non-physical eyes of perfect clarity. Please remember us here, and please bless us as we endeavor to carry on what you helped start. Many that heard your voice have enlarged their faith and their sense of mission, because of you. Many dug deep to remember a covenant that time had almost erased. Because of you.


The silver cup sits empty here, yet your lips receive now a finer cup of purest gold, laced with sparkling diamonds. Cherubim will fill it to the brim with "new" wine. Your peers, your family of the ages, your many acolytes, your friends still here, offer salutations. Mission accomplished.

Let the pain and suffering cease, for you have surely earned your rest and reward. All the battles and fight-songs of Gaia will be ever-fading echoes soon. The pain that comes from the lunacies and decadence of Gaia will diminish. And you will hear the sound of soft pipes and the flow of water over old and rounded stones. Until there is only...Peace.


As your immortal soul heals and rests, your fulsome strength will return. You will be revivified with all your spirit. Take time though just to ponder a bit: something wonderful - your sacrifices and skillfully delivered messages, for the sake of Gaia, will be remembered forever. This planet dear one has been saved! Many have fought and striven to shape the future, some to their physical death, each in their own way. While an inevitable sadness stays with us here, we know you have earned your rest. I see you in my mind's eye embraced by the very epitome of Love, and may that image give us all hope. There is indeed a Balm in Gilead. It was concocted by a Great Healer when Earth was but a figment of an image of a fiery orb of gas and iron plasma. Take all you need.

Love and Light Always,




My Respect to her and my best wishes in her new state-life. 💚 🙌 And gratitude of what she started so we are all here now.


Australian Mick:

I am deeply saddened by the news of Dr WC. In tears today...  Rest in peace Dr WC. You are forever in our hearts.


Russian Londoner:

There is so much peace and love coming from this sharing...

I feel Dr. WC presence ovetlighting...

So beautiful to witness...

There's truly no death... Only bridges...

Thank you dearest Dr. WC for who you are and your heartfelt service and legacy...

With Love...



Dr. WC will be greatly missed!!!



It was a Great Joy to be on a call with Dr. WC , She will be missed !!



yes, I remember Ed the late nights with Alexander, Fischer, and Dr. WC!

I learned so much from her.

that giggle, “oh my goodness”, and the battle to lay down her sword remain in my memoty always.

what was most unforgettable was her unwavering dedication to her life’s work for the RTU and my fellow Vets!

rest well Dr. WC! Rest well!



Dr. WC…her likeness that of our Ethiopian mother Yahshua possibly?…her heart matches for sure…love and gratitude from this servant…your lessons, talks and rants (LOL) accelerated my awakening…bless you and the legacy you have left, a high bar for remaining servants to heal the soul or the world…may you put down your sword and continue to send us your love, while watching over the liberation of humanity and the work set forth by HAS and your team of angels…love love truly blessed to have known you…



Such a special woman and Human Angel. So many lives touched will miss her terribly. 



Our reverence, condolences and gratitude to the beautiful godmother Dr. WC, who so captivated the Intel community to be prepared for the planetary transition and who now assists us in another dimension of divine inspirations and who, with the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit, will always help us to attracting our divine virtues and qualities to always make a difference while we are in human form. God bless all your family and our HAS community just have to thank you for everything we are through the mirrors that Dr WC was and is for our walk here. Endless blessings and gratitude, gratitude and gratitude!



She was a big part of opening "my eyes and ears" to the truth.

She will be missed greatly, but we will see her again.

I loved her laugh and her banter with you and Showme on her calls.

God is with you Dr. WC.

Till we meet again.



Mahalo nui

Dr WC - much love and gratitude for your selfless time and prayers you shared.

Such a beautiful soul who will be missed by many.

No good-byes here . . .  " Be seeing you"




She was indeed an Inspiration to many.  I remember so many late nights with the phone next to my ear to hear all she has to offer.  Christ was top on her list every time.  I loved her and I still love her.  Rest in Christ Yahushua's peace and LOVE.  DR WC



Thank you for bringing us all together Dr. WC. Thank you.



Beautiful Dr WC. Thank you for your presence on this earth and beyond. It means so much. I hope I can walk in your footsteps. Christ is love ❤️



Love Dr WC. Enjoyed her late night calls. Miss her. A human angel indeed



Thank you Dr 

WC for your ministry

I enjoyed your work



OMG. Oh my goodness.

Stand in your authority.

Thanks for the light you shared along the journey.

I miss U. ☀️🌻

R. I. Power.

My Sis ⭐...

Yo Yo.




Thank you Dr WC.... never missed a call



Thank you Dr. WC, be at peace enjoy your time off I know all true warrior are ever called to service again, God bless for you service.



Dr. W.C. was an inspiration to me. She hrlped open my heart and mind to God, Galactics, the Matrix and so much more. She was such a blessed soul and she will be sorely missed. Her and Fischer are on the other side and I know they are both working for the betterment of earth.



Was introduced to Fisher, Smarty and Yosef/Alexander on her late night calls. Now she’ll be guiding us from the other side with her sword of truth. Fly Angel Fly 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻



Such a special woman and Human Angel. She touched my life and so many others and will be missed terribly.



I listened to her extensively as I live about 45 minutes from Jacksonville, FL and thought many times about going there to meet her and just sit and talk about things.  So I'm so sorry that we have lost a soldier and dear sister as her.  Love to you all.



So sad, Such a brave warrior. You will be missed greatly and loved always. We are forever grateful for the guidance and leadership lessons we will all no doubt draw upon moving forward. AB ❤️❤️❤️



my deepest condolences to all friends and family of Dr WC, may she rest in peace. God bless her.



Dr. WC will be missed as much as Fischer. great Truth Warriors!



My sincere condolences to Dr WCs family and close friends. She was soo loved and revered worldwide!  



She's an angel. Now she has her wings. Thank you for all you gave us and taught us Dr. WC.



Love love Sweet Dr. WC sure thankful for you guidance n love throughout our wonderful journey 🤙🙏



R. I. P. Dr. WC 🙏 She was a real LightWarrior and I admired her Faith in God and her strength to say her own opinions. ☀️☀️☀️


Peacefull Warrior:

Rest in perfect peace Dr. WC. We know you are continuing to support from the other side. 💜



Guiding Us from Heaven...

We can ALL HEAR You now...

Precious One...


Groovy Dog:

I was so blessed to have been granted her voice at the time when I was just beginning this journey.  

With much Love & gratitude always🙏



Christ Yahushua thank you for sharing Dr. WC with the planet. Love and prayers for Dr. WC's family and friends. Fly dear angel, Dr. WC.



One of God's main warrior leaders has moved on to a higher plane. 

She will be missed .so so much.

Well done Dr. W.C. you've carried your staff  and sword of salvation.

and now wear your golden crown of redemption.

Well done Dr. W.C. you were a faithful servant.. well done! 



She was indeed a great leader.  Her call was my first experience of conference calls.  It's where I got a clear understanding of the journey ahead. I salute her forever!!!! CHRIST IS LOVE💚💚💚



💕Dr. WC touched my heart!

💕So blessed to have crossed paths with Fischer & Dr WC

💕May we continue their mission with courage & L❤️VE

💕 Oh, "My Goodness". What a J❤️Y they were!



God bless you Dr. WC... your light will always shine bright! 

Subject: Dr WC

Message: Yes, I remember those late nights. I share the sadness she didn't see the end with us. Thanks for sharing the picture of her. I remember her caricature that Steven did. She is free now, Thank you Dr WC for all you shared with me and God bless you!


Message: You will be missed Dr. WC! I never forgotten with love Israel!


Subject: A Friend Dr. W.C.

Message: I am so sad to hear that Dr. W.C. has passed on. I have enjoyed all her conference calls over many years. All the knowledge she brought to the table l will never forget. She was such a dear soul always willing to help and give to others. I will always Love You my friend Dr. W.C. a Eternal Flamewill always be burning in my heart Forever in remembrance of you and our Friendship ❤️


Subject: Farewell Dr. WC

Message: I am shocked to hear this news. Wow I guess God appreciated her good works and called her home to rest. God rest her soul. She is dancing with the angels now.


Subject: Dr WC

Message: She loved us when we need love 

She brought me a community of like minded ppl. 

I believe she will greet me when I arrive there 

Until then I will keep her lessons in my daily work

Subject: DR. WC

Message: Oh, my goodness.  It's hard to believe she transitioned home.  Loved her very much.  Her loving words and teachings will always be with me.   Much much LOVE DR WC, a true Angel 

Thank you Alexander for sharing.  Thank you Showme   Much much LOVE and honor 


Subject: Heart felt

Message: My heart is saddened by this news but rejoices!! Cause I know!! This wonderful lady is with Our Dear Lord…


Subject: Dr WC

Message: Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Dr WC - I loved listening to her calls over the years and will always cherish her passion for the truth and willingness to share it with the world. Bless her and may her heart continue to touch all of ours with Christ’s love 


Subject: With You for Dr WC

Message: Alexander: was misty eyed listening to this song you lovingly wrote and  composed for a Grest Person and a Dear friend. Poignant yet so loving construct of words. Touched my soul. Goodbye Dr WC . Enjoyed listening to you All those late night’s talks. Rest well in the bosom of Christ Yahusha.


Subject: Dr. W.C

Message: I thank the father for Dr. C. She broadened my scope on what's on this earth. She demonstrated how to fight with the sword of truth. As the song implies that her wisdom and love will always be with me. 

Thank you father for Dr.WC



Subject: Gratitude

Message: May this incredible spirit permeate aspects of our life in multiple ways.

Rest In Peace.


Subject: Healing the soul of the world

Message: So sorry to read about Dr. WC’s passing 


Subject: Dr WC

Message: I started listening to her calls near the very start of them. I tried to never miss one. I met other folks on the call whom I am in touch with today. Thank you WC, for your dedication to all of us. I'll never forget you


Subject: Dr WC

Message: I started listening to Dr. WC when she was a moderator on Willie's Truth Call, which was her start and later became RealTruth Call2 and on to become  I am deeply soul sick having received this soul-shattering news. May we all live each day of our lives as if its our last; tomorrow is not promised.  Too many on this journey   (RV) have passed on.  I pray that Yah will preserve us until all the day of our redemption.  Peace and love to you, my HAS sisters and brothers.


Subject: Remembering Dr WC

Message: Thanks very much for posting the info. I've learned so much from the real truth website. Prayers  and condolences 

Houston Texas


Subject: Tribute to DR WC

Message: My dear Sister "in The Faith" ... What a Legacy you left for the Many of us who were Blessed just to be touched by your Life, your voice and your Presence. May we ALL be inspired to follow the exemplary Footprints that you left on all our heart's... Yahuah Be Praised Forever. 

Fondly, Carol King 

(A human angel too)


Subject: Dr. WC

Message: I am fortunate to have listened to her Real Truth Calls. Dr. WC made you feel the love and light she had in her heart for us all. She was an inspiration. She will always be with us and greatly missed. Sending love and prayers to her family ❤

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